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Vasilis Nalbantis

Vasilis  has been performing the traditional music of Greece and the Balkans since he was 12 years old.  Adding to that, he has played recorded and toured extensively with many groups and artists of many different genres, such as: Stafford James, Oghene Kologbo, Ionian Brass Ensemble, Orchestra Sonora, Mora sti Fotia(a historic Greek punk-rock band) Koza Mostra,(with whom they got the 6th place in 2013 Eurovision). In 2010 he graduated from the Jazz Dept. of the Ionian Uni and moved to Thessaloniki to pursue a musical career. In 2016, one year after he moved to Graz, Austria, he formed the Ellipsis Quintet playing concerts locally and internationally.  In 2018 he Graduated from the Jazz department of the Kunst Uni Graz  The same year he Joined the World - Fusion Band ''HaydeTanz'' as a trumpet player, composer and arranger.  He also mixed and mastered their first full album, as well as their two singles. He continues living, teaching and working in Graz, Austria.

Luis Andre Oliveira

The drummer and percussionist graduated in Popular Music (Percussion) at Unicamp (State University of Campinas - SP Brazil) and completed a Master's degree in Jazz at KUG (Art University of Graz). Throughout his career, he has released several albums with different musical backgrounds, from rock to jazz, from classical to contemporary music, including of course Brazilian and Latin American music, and has played in more than 15 countries around the globe.  In recent years, he has also been active in the educational field, giving lessons and workshops related to drums, percussion and musical concepts (online courses at UFPBR; Austrian Percussion Camp 2021, 2022; guest professor at KUG 2021, 2022; etc)

Lajos Tóth

Lajos was born in Szolnok, Hungary , in 1990. Music caught his attention early, he started to study classical piano at the age of 9. He continued his studies throught high school, meanwhile he got involved in numerous rock, reggae and blues bands. After graduation he turned to jazz, becoming a student of Viktor Bori and János Nagy. He was admitted to the University of Music in Graz, Austria in 2011. He has been studying with Olaf Polziehn. He established his trio in 2012, which participated in the final of Tarnów International Jazz Contest (PL) the same year. He won the best band and the best soloist prize on the jazz contest in Tirgu Mures, Romania (2013). In 2016, the trio won the Big Sky Jazz Competition in Moscow (RU). They have toured in Austria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, and Spain, playing in 23Robadors (Barcelona), Zoo (Ljubljana), Opus Jazz Club (Budapest), Green Hours (Bucharest), Piec Art Jazz Club (Kraków), among many others. One of his compositions, „Strong River”, have won the Downbeat Magazine’s Student Jazz Award Prize. In 2016 he won the 1st Prize on the 5. International Jazzhaus Piano Competition in Freiburg. Since he finished his studies in Graz in 2018 he started to work as a freelance musician and music teacher. The same year with a new project he won first prize on the interational Jazzcompetiton in Zilina Slovakia. The quartet got invited to the Zilina Jazzfestival and had a chance to share the stage with a famous american Jazzband called „The Yellowjackets”. In 2019 he won the 2nd prize on the Riga Jazz Stage Piano Competition. He had a chance to work with Howard Curtis, Vladimir Kostadinovic, Klemens Marktl, Morten Ramsbol, Michael Abene, Ed Partyka, Zsolt Bende, Wayne Thomas Brasel, Emilia Martenson, Martina Martenson, Márton Fenyvesi, Lucas Martinez Membrilla

Tomas Lukac

Currently Based in Munich, Germany, born in Bratislava, Slovakia, Tomas grew up in an artistic environment. His musical development oscillated between a variety of music genres and styles (rock, blues, funk, jazz..), which helped him to achieve a strong instrumental flexibility in his professional career later on. Tomas finished his Bachelor’s degree in jazz guitar performance at the high-profile University of Performing Arts in  Graz, Austria, and his Master’s degree at the University for Music and Theater in Munich, Germany, with professor Peter O’Mara. He has successfully attended a number of international competitions, such as Jazz Start Up (2017, with Tomas Lukac Group), New Faces of Slovak Jazz (2017, with Tomas Lukac Group), or Kurt Maas Jazz Award (2019, Tomas Lukac Trio). As leader, composer, arranger, or sideman, he has worked on multiple international projects, including: Tomas Lukac Group , Annamerika Quintet, Ellipsis Quintet, and many more.. Has has played/recorded with: Robben Ford, Jim Rotondi, Ed Partyka, and more. In February 2021. Tomas has released his debut album ‘Heart-Shaped - Music of Kurt Cobain’. Recorded in Germany and Austria, and released by Music Fond Slovakia, it features musicians from Slovakia, Germany, Austria, China, USA, and Greece. His current project ‘Minga Sessions’ with his quartet Tomas Lukac Group is available from February 2022.

Markus Oberleitner

Born in 1990 in Austria, he started his musical journey on the diatonic and chromatic accordion, which he studied in the University of Graz (KUG). At the age of 17 he started gaining interest in electric bass and music production, which is the main focus of his musical work nowadays. He also began to study Jazzbass in Graz but never finished.After the university he worked as sideman for Pop and Hip Hop Artists and had his own Soul/Funkband which served as foundation for his groove-oriented playing. Following this period, an interest in odd meters and folk music consisting of odd meters began to sparkle which he is currently exploring with ethno and stoner rock bands. In his free time, the recording and mixing of other bands' songs makes his enthusiasm for music a round trip.

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