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''...a quintet that has found it’s path. The efforts of Vasilis and all the musicians came to fruition. After a lot of work they reached a genuine musical result of
special character and quality identity. High level of musicianship, sensitivity and ethos'' 

                                                                                                                    - Vasilis Rakopoulos

The Identity

Established in 2016, Ellipsis Quintet is an ambitious "east meets west" musical project of Vasilis Nalbantis. Traditional Balkan, Greek and East Mediterranean music influences coincide with jazz, rock and fusion, to form a ''prog-world-jazz" amalgam that respects the history of all the different musical influences as well as celebrates an open, uninhibited and uncomplicated artistic expression. The main driving forces being honest emotion and love for exploration.

''...european poetic music - rough and gentle pictures fly through my head while listening to this fabulous young bunch of music colleges.

Trumpet and guitar telling stories, argue with each other, suddenly the piano finds peace with the trumpet, drums and bass pushing them to an outer limit.

A nice unisono line does if nothing ever happened! Keep an eye on this virtuous new music from Ellipsis Quintet. I will.' 

                                                                                         -Lorenz Raab


''Aristotle's Dilemma'', our 2nd studio album is now available to listen and purchase!
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The new video for
''Home Not
- Σκοτεινό Νερό'' is out!
You can stream and buy it

NEVMA is now OUT!
The first single of our upcoming Ellipsis Quintet album ''Aristotle's Dilemma'' is available to stream and buy!

Our Trumpet player has just released his own Signature Microtonal Trumpet Model
Click HERE to learn more

Our Debut album ''Avoid the Void''
is out now!
You can listen to it here

And support us here


The Release Party for our upcoming Debut album ''Avoid the Void'' will be on the 28th of May.
Secure a seat

Avoid the VoidCD RELEASE PARTY poster
Ellipsis Quintet Avoid the Void Album Cover

Our Second Video Clip 
''August'' is out now!

Our secong Single, ''Minor Setback'' from our debut album ''Avoid the Void'' is out NOW and available for streaming and purchase!

The first Single, ''Libation'' from our debut album ''Avoid the Void'' is out NOW and available for purchase.

Ellipsis Quintet Minor Setback Cover

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